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Accommodation & collective housing

Colour, which is an essential component of today’s urban architectural environment, plays a key role in developers’ clearly stated aesthetic desires. Colour is given much attention by towns and cities, which are seeking to have a better perception of their living environment. Local authorities, project managers and architects, who are sensitive to the importance of colour, are today keenly aware that it plays an indispensable role in the urban landscape.  Mixing colour & social housing, A3DC works on renovation programmes with its colour studies of public places and major complexes: harmonisation of social housing in its environment, integration and development of districts, use of colour to bring facades to life and creation of colour chart guides for restoration work. Its projects show a shared desire to improve the inhabitants’ living environments and make them more attractive. They also ensure time and money is saved by the companies who work on the projects.

1. Courteille district, Alençon

Courteille district, Alençon

The SA HLM Sagim and the Logis Social are two Entreprises Sociales pour l’Habitat (ESH) [Social Housing Companies] that provide 10,500 flats in Basse-Normandie, in the Orne, the Sarthe and the Calvados. Its role as a social landlord is asserted by the particular attention given to the quality of the flats that are available for rental by employees, students, retired and unemployed people. During the planned renovation programme of all a district of the town over a five-year period, Sagim wanted to include an approach on the most innovative colour trends in modern architecture in order to apply them to the colours of the facades of its ageing residential buildings. The properties were indeed built after the destructions caused during World War II. The renovation of an outdated heritage required a modernisation of the colours used for its buildings. The saturated colours and the use of strong contrasts give personality, charm and modernity to the properties of the SA HLM d’Alençon.

2. Osica Le Tremblay-en-France

Osica Le Tremblay-en-France

Osica est un acteur de référence dans l’habitat social de la région parisienne, un des bailleurs-constructeurs majeurs d’Ile-de-France, présent dans 137 communes de la couronne parisienne et dans 12 communes de l’Oise. Osica est engagé dans un programme ambitieux de réhabilitation de son patrimoine, afin de répondre aux besoins des habitants avec une offre de logements sociaux de qualité, en locatif ou en accession sociale, de foyers et de résidences-services. Compte tenu du sens professionnel d’Osica et du souci d’adapter toujours son offre immobilière aux nouveaux besoins de ses habitants et à l’évolution des standards du marché, la politique du groupe se veut de concevoir ou de proposer des programmes de logements parfaitement intégrés aux projets urbains modernes des collectivités.Sur la ville du Tremblay-en-France, à deux pas de Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, l'A3DC est missionné dans le cadre des projets de ravalement, intégrant dans ses études le traitement ITE et contemporain des couleurs de façades.

3. OPHLM Auxerre

OPHLM Auxerre

After working for more than 10 years with the Municipal Public Office of H.L.M. [subsidised housing] of Auxerre, we have been able to create a renovation policy of the social heritage of the city in close cooperation with the inhabitants and imagine a use of colour depending on the various sectors and districts of the city. Sainte-Geneviève, Brichères, Résidence du Parc… Residence after residence, the tiering of the renovation programmes by successive work stages and the personalised renovation projects in line with the technical solutions chosen for the renovation and the personality of the districts have allowed for a smooth colour consistency which takes into account the tenants’ opinion, respects urban spaces and ensures a living environment of quality which is in keeping with the spirit of the area.

4. Immobilière 3F Group

Immobilière 3F Group

A long and fruitful collaboration with the Immobilière 3F Group, which is a key player in social housing, has led to the renovation, in support of major architectural projects to update and enhance housing, and has given a fine figure to major housing complexes which are segmented by the use of colour: Résidence du Parc at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, La Croix Blanche at Vigneux-s/Seine, Montesson… in conjunction with the architects working for Immobilière 3F, within the framework of multidisciplinary and complementary teams.

5. E.P.A. La Défense

E.P.A. La Défense

The Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de La Défense (the authority which manages La Défense district) entrusted A3DC with the task of designing the future colour scheme master plan for the districts to be developed, between the Grande Arche and the Seine. This large-scale project for the future involved all the collective architectures that had already been built, which were to be renovated or which were planned to be built. This master plan is a guarantee of the heritage of tomorrow and the development towards a future architecture where the white general palette will be the standard and expression of modernity. In addition, on the old architectures that need renovating, A3DC worked on the restoration project of the blocks of flats of the Cité Anatole France in Nanterre, which are situated on the meander of the Seine using different stone shades. The Cité Anatole France was renamed the Pink District by the inhabitants themselves…

6. La Sablière Group

La Sablière Group

La Sablière Group is a collective housing property group with which A3DC has worked on a number of projects. The most significant of its joint projects is the powerful architecture of Auguste Perret rue Daumesnil – a long block of flats with its unchanging identity and which was in desperate need of restoration. A3DC favoured cleaning the concrete and washed cement stone slabs which had been chosen by the architect to enhance the effects of the material and respect the relief effect wanted by the designer. It completed this with a range of natural shades for the paint on the joinery, window frames and garage doors which mark the layout of the building on the ground floor.

7. OPHLM Ivry-s/Seine

OPHLM Ivry-s/Seine

The town of Ivry-s/Seine is known as an architect’s town. Jean Renaudie, at the request of the local authority, designed modern urban planning projects which are today praised the world over. A3DC has been asked on several occasions to work on renovation programmes of these creative architectures where cement vies with private garden terraces in buildings which have deteriorated significantly – the reinforcing bars have aged badly – but which are nevertheless still innovative. Generally, colour is only used occasionally in a discreet manner to favour a clear identification.




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