Genesis & History

Get a breath of fresh air from moods within the times, smell where from it comes, sniff at and feel it to inspire, to be inspired, to perfume it back and color it to better breath it again and to reinject it into our projects, such is the experience of the A3DC. Our main capacity of syntheses consists in integrating the atmosphere of moment, in smelling the new influences, in sniffing, in deciphering what the wind of change and of the creativity can bring into the work of the color current as desires, envies, trend information, cultural influences, striking artistic events. But unlike the style-offices, the trend-setters, the fashionista and their fleeting modes moved from fashion which go out of fashion, the A3DC, seeing everything but retaining nothing of it which will not last, claims its designer's status, between fashion and industry, short-living and long-lasting, short and long term. The recommendations of the A3DC are traced on the rhythms of the industry, favor long cycles over time. Because, for the industry as for the architecture, it is good to know that if we can be inspired by the clouds and the "air du temps", we know how to be realistic, back feet to earth...

1. Colour & architecture

Inspired by a trip to Japan in the sixties, Jean-Philippe Lenclos’s intuition enabled him to understand and see that each geographical area possessed its own language of colour, derived from its geology and underground resources, climate and light, landscape, social and cultural traditions, education, and religion… Everything depends on the particular way that colours are used. Jean-Philippe’s vocation was born: to avoid negativity within the landscape, to think about and organize colour so as to ensure it fits in with its architectural surroundings and merges into the local context without forgetting the environment. Architecture succeeds when it blends in with its surroundings. The colourist’s work took its first steps in an atmosphere of humility, discretion, respect and attention to detail in the landscape. Jean-Philippe Lenclos founded A3DC in 1978. It was to become a reference… and his reputation is still emulated throughout the world.

2. More than thirty years of colour

Somewhere between contrast and integration: to win has always been the challenge of colour. Colour is a powerful weapon that speaks directly to one’s perception, rivets one’s attention, catches the eye and stays within one’s memory.
Founded in 1978, l’Atelier 3D couleur knows this only too well, as did Jean-Philippe Lensclos, the first person to dedicate himself to the study of colour-chromatic scales, colour charts for architecture and colour-ways for industrial products.
A3DC ’s 30th anniversary, in 2007, was celebrated with the arrival of a new second generation team, which, since 2008 has taken over the work of its legendary founder, following in the footsteps of his unique body of work, thereby, ensuring the continuity and future of the studio while, at the same time, modernizing operations and methods.

3. Colour & design

A3DC is passionate about the colouration of industrial products. The Atelier’s intuition comes from the streets; it breathes in the “l’air du temps”; absorbs passing trends; takes notes of what’s happening at trade fairs; forecast and trend studies by experts and specialists; the professional  press;  fashion stylists and future trends as they are detected. The Atelier’s global perception allows it to sort and sift the ephemeral, trivial, superfluous and the excesses of fashion in order to concentrate on the longer term, the perennial, the sure and durable that will flourish and endure. Indispensable qualities required by industries whose cycles are slower to react and renew themselves less frequently. A gentler, more thoughtful approach allowing for lighter investments. A way of injecting  sensitivity, feeling and emotion... in other words, making space for the human touch.

4. Colour & Culture

Colour & Culture

The integration of a clever reflection on the color in the outcome of a project, whether it is of architecture or design, is a highly cultural approach. The color conception of a program has to plant its roots in a creative context, a carrier of new ideas, fed by the permanent flow of the novelty, of the mood and trendy influences and of the inspiration of moment. It has to feed at the source of a kind of abundant bubbling of culture, fed by the creators and the major cultural actors, those who mark their time by the strength of their thought or the correctness of their carried look crushes on the period. James Cameron’s Avatar, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity or Dynamo Exhibition in Paris, each in their kind, are great tremendous cultural sources of information. Of those who mark changes of state of the society. Those of whom A3DC takes inspiration in its studies of color-design.

5. Jean-Philippe Lenclos’ “offspring”

Three of A3DC’s long-term workers have taken over the company: new leaders and decision makers at the helm. An obvious and natural choice having all been carefully and personally recruited by Jean-Philippe Lenclos and having worked under his guidance for many years in the spirit of comradeship necessary to the success of the team’s daily tasks and studies---the master’s apprentices. This second generation takes up the torch: modernizing the company while at the same time cherishing their founder’s legacy. The succession is assured, guaranteed, respectful of past acquisitions and methodologies. The second generation brings with it a revolution in the form of Information Technology, the new languages of digital and numerical 3D imagery.

6. A new Atelier, a new identity, a new site

After more than thirty years of creativity A3DC has changed hands but not its spirit. Continuity is assured, its future guaranteed. The company’s logo has been modernized but not revolutionized. Its colours have moved with the times allowing for periodic adjustments to match the events, moods and trends of the day because everything is constantly changing and nothing stands still in the world of colour… The Internet site, conceived as a showcase to the world, is kept up-to-date, ready to share and exchange. Its Chromosapiens blog is a place where colour can be expressed freely and simply. The perfect blog for voicing feelings and tastes about colours in the mood of the moment as colour can also be a stepping stone to discussion and debate.

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