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Colour is now a communication tool in itself. A number of messages are exclusively centred on colour communication. It just shows the power of colour, its strength and talent to communicate immediately, be seen and hit home, move and convince. It is therefore quite natural that A3DC should design colour communications, display its creations and designs, and be in charge of the graphic and visual communication of its customers who have become partners. Who is better placed to express the creation concepts, the reference worlds, the spirit of a range, the creative approach, and the sensitivity that a product needs to wrap itself in to reveal its subtlety, refinements and entire scope? A3DC is naturally open to any extension of its strictly colour-advisory role and enhances its work with specialised and excellent partners in communication and publishing consultancy where required.

1. Canal Square, Bouwfonds Marignan Immobilier

Canal Square, Bouwfonds Marignan Immobilier

The launch of the exceptional Canal Square property programme alongside the Ourcq canal in Paris prompted Bouwfonds Marignan Immobilier, after the organisation of a competition, to select a design agency rather than a traditional communication agency. The entire promotional campaign is centred on a Manhattan-inspired colour scheme. Yellow, grey, white and black are the identifying colours of a communication and image campaign which includes the logotype, identity, display, daily newspapers, magazines, trade journals, publications and street-marketing.

2. Weber Saint-Gobain

Weber Saint-Gobain

The themed publications of the regional facade colours which Weber now makes available for its markets are in keeping with the guidelines suggested by A3DC for the regions and preservation of heritage colours. This approach to communicate, defend and promote French regional traditional colours uses the information to be found in the A3DC’s 30-year-old database and, from a graphic point of view, results in a collection of 10 regional brochures. Each brochure highlights 24 indispensable regional colours which have been included due to their consistency and common features. An additional brochure illustrates the needs that are expressed by modern architecture – a modernity which is expressed by 48 saturated, original, revolutionary shades in the world of construction or property renovation.

3. Principality of Monaco

Work of an exemplary and rare nature because it was printed in direct shades to ensure perfect compliance with the hues, the very comprehensive colour chart guide of the facades of the architecture in the Principality for a target of professional Monegasque users, opted to characterise the architecture by districts, construction styles and periods and by the typologies of the buildings. A brochure for the general public ended several years of a rewarding collaboration between A3DC and Monaco with the certainty that the results will be visible very soon in the streets of the Principality as Monaco carries out a restoration of its facades every two years…

4. Natural Regional Park Oise-Pays de France

The synthesis of the analyses that were carried out in the villages within the protected sector of the National Regional Park Oise-Pays de France enabled us to draw up a colour chart of the facades of the various architectures to be found there. In order to provide architectural recommendations for restoration, rehabilitation and new construction projects, an essential reference source was published for each of the villages indicating the colour chart to be applied by the owners and building permit applicants so that they choose their colours from within a pre-defined framework thereby ensuring harmony and colour consistency between all buildings. This approach is in keeping with the heritagisation and enhancement of a natural fragile region which is also to be preserved by the components, materials and the pace of its built environment.

5. Siapoc Creole paints

Siapoc Creole paints

After having studied the Siapoc range of tropical paints, the design of the colour shades presents the ranges in the form of colour-cards and colour fans which depend on the times of day and daylight. In addition, A3DC has designed the promotional and communication material for customers, applicators and professionals. Alongside brochures for the general public, the architect’s notebooks and the painter’s colour charts explain the origin of the colours, their inspirations and advise on how to associate and combine them so that they are used in a pleasurable and shared passion for highly colourful homes.

6. Natural Regional Park of the Haute-Vallée in Chevreuse

Further to the general study of the colours used in architectures within the Natural Regional Park in Chevreuse, A3DC designed and prepared documents for the general public which included the target colour master plan depending on the typology of buildings and the various populations concerned by the renovation or construction of private or public buildings within the Park. Whether you are a farmer, bourgeois bohemian or shopkeeper, everybody will find the answer to their colour palette requirements.

7. SuniPac

In order to highlight all the qualities and flexibilities of the SuniPac coated card, A3DC created a tool which demonstrates the excellence of the paper which can be folded in four for all requirements. After having chosen the famous painting of Adam and Eve, a parable of the Creation by Lucas Cranach, the image was printed in four colours on all the weights of the range and additional printing techniques proved the adaptability of the paper for all needs and uses. Embossing, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, relief, gauffering, stamping, gold tooling, grooving, bending… all the shaping that is applied to the material is a genuine demonstration of a feat of strength to prove the properties of a malleable, sensitive, sturdy and obedient paper. The ideal support for graphic creation…

8. OECD-Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development

OECD-Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development

A3DC est prestataire agréé auprès de l’Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economique (OCDE, Paris), pour la prise en charge et la création des documents techniques de ses publications en lien avec l’éducation ou l’économie digitale. L’A3DC Edition, par exemple, est en charge de la conception graphique du plus fameux rapport de l’OECD, le très redouté Pisa, un bilan triennal qui dresse un état des lieux de l’apprentissage de la langue et de l’enseignement scolaire des différents états membres, établissant ainsi un comparatif et un classement entre les différents systèmes éducatifs internationaux. Les éditions et leurs périodicités différentes, de mensuelles à annuelles, sont généralement réalisées en plusieurs langues, et majoritairement en anglais.

9. Zolpan Paints-Réflectiv' Range

Zolpan Paints-Réflectiv' Range

Suivant en cela les préconisations de l’A3DC en termes des nouveaux besoins de couleurs saturées des architectes dans leur réflexion sur la coloration des façades de leurs projets architecturaux, Zolpan innove et en collaboration avec son service R&D, met au point une gamme de 42 couleurs profondes, foncées, garantissant à la fois une forte personnalité des façades et une protection anti-UV et anti-chaleur par une barrière thermique protectrice. La gamme Réflectiv’ est l’occasion d’une communication pointue, jouant du bouclier thermique comme des reflets de l’architecture avec les éléments naturels, dont les visuels, illustrant les grands champs chromatiques de la gamme (les bleus, les rouges, les verts…), sont des échos colorés des vues d’architecture, comme des miroirs dans l’eau.



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