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Cosmetics & Perfumery

As far as A3DC is concerned, colour-design is the ultimate colour encompassing all its sensory aspects: depth, material and effects of material, incrustations, finishes, touch, interference flops, phosphorescence, luminosity, diffraction and shimmer effects, reverberation, fluorescence, metallisation… A list of renderings and sensations that the pearlescent pigments industry has today made virtually infinite offering highly qualitative perceptions when they are used wisely.
If colour has a role to play in terms of seduction, it is indeed in the field of industrial products. Cosmetics, stationery, household appliances, high-tech products … the range of opportunities in product-design for A3DC has opened wide its doors. As a privileged partner in the refined industry of cosmetics and perfumery, nowhere else has colour had so much to say in the realm of appeal, desire and emotion. Closely associated with the skin and body, with the most intimate aspects of a human being, colour is a resource, an asset which should be treated with delicacy and tact.

1. Issey Miyake Your Skin

Issey Miyake Your Skin

Cosmetics in Japan are first and foremost skin care – a pharmacopoeia. A healthy body is synonymous with a healthy mind. A3DC has designed the range of colours, with a touch of spirituality, for Miyake’s Your Skin care line. By incorporating the notion of aura and the inner light in the palette which has been specially created for the face care products, Issey Miyake’s collection revolves around three segments of the colour spectrum. The expression of the purity, secrecy and softness of pinks and mauves for the day-care products, the message of honesty and sincerity of blues and turquoises for the make-up removers, the generosity, strength and rejuvenation of yellows and greens for the intensive care products. A colourful way to wake up the inner beauty in each woman…

2. Hermès 24, Faubourg

Hermès 24, Faubourg

Precious perfume in an elegant box, the omnipresent orangey yellow fragrance builds on its unquestionable preciousness, combined with an unconventional, carefree zest for life… that of connoisseurs, the powerful, that of Asian aristocracies, as is reflected by the imperial yellow, the colour of the dragon’s coat, which was only worn by emperors. Creation concept boards, style boards, study of the colour of the perfume and packaging, were at the origin of the 24, Faubourg project for Hermès – the first step before any creation phase.

3. Lancôme Ô for Men

Lancôme Ô for Men

A direct reference to the colour of bamboo trunks, this blue green of the bamboo forests of Asia, can be found both on the bottle and packaging. The colour is particularly novel in the world of men’s fragrances. A frosted green leaf shade is used on the bottle which is warmed by copper orange branding. The originality of the colour is that it is applied on a striped, fibrous, cardboard packaging which represents the wood-like aspect of a fresh bamboo cane. Concept boards, style boards, study of the colour of the packaging and branding were created to launch a new exceptional fragrance for men by l’Oréal.

4. Shiseido


With his passion for Japanese culture, Jean-Philippe Lenclos had to work for Shiseido one day as he had for all the leading Japanese brands who wanted to establish themselves on the European market. The work to design make-up colours, according to the seasons, can only be achieved taking into account the complexion and quality of the skin on which it is be used. Some years later a key study was carried out at the request of l’Oréal on the major types of skin, eye and hair colours and social and culture habits of women throughout the world with regard to makeup and its combinations.

5. Tocadilly by Rochas

Tocadilly by Rochas

Granddaughter of Tocade by Rochas, this project, which takes the shape of a colour expertise, repositions the concept and gives a new lease of life to a young, joyful and carefree woman that the colour is intended to revive and exalt. Work on the colour of the perfume was carried out together with the olfactory properties of the fragrance – colourful, fun touches on the glass bottle, pump, stopper and branding. A young version, Tocadine, with a concept and colour universe that is consistent with the other products in the range, aims to place this new fragrance as a leading product for young women.

6. Nivea Beiersdorf Make up

Nivea Beiersdorf Make up

Launching oneself on the cosmetics and make-up market when the brand is only known for its legendary small round, blue box is undoubtedly a challenge. With proper support, Nivea Beiersdorf created Nivea Beauty with the assistance of A3DC which designed all the colour ranges of its coordinated foundations, eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks and nail varnishes for the European launch of the brand. The Workshop has worked on a regular basis for seasonal more conceptual collections which are in phase with fashion dictums and very open to spectacular makeup colours.

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