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Stationery, Telephony & Office Technology

Hotbeds of an elegant modernity and constant technological expertise, communication media which is perfectly attuned to the world of business, the tertiary sector, the world of services, which are particularly sensitive to the most innovative influences, because stationery, telephony and office technology also participate in conveying a certain qualitative and innovative corporate brand image, these three areas which are in phase with colour-design, are extremely sensitive economic sectors where colour can be the added value of the design which makes a difference, in worlds that are generally highly competitive and copied, which are always on the lookout for novelties and a good conceptual idea. As colour is in charge of conveying the very innovation of the product and the technological edge on competitors. Worlds which will need to open up and also appeal to those of everyday life and the domestic sphere…

1. ArjoWiggins


Paper is an ideal media to convey subtle impressions, feelings and almost intellectual messages that go well beyond what will be printed. Its touch, visual aspect, weight, scent and grain are sensory information… with which the publishing world has learnt to play. These aspects of polysensoriality are a godsend for ArjoWiggins, Europe’s leading manufacturer of paper, which has worked for a number of years with A3DC to redefine the range of colours used by Rives Design, Rives Tradition, Rives Letter, Keaycolour, Popset, Skin…

2. Matra-Alcatel


Going exactly against the first professional mobiles in run-of-the-mill black and grey colours that were launched on the market, two first generation simple and fun telephones, Easy & Tribu, that targeted a young audience, were made available in vibrant, joyful colours. Similar to street wear, with an Urban chic trend, new approaches were explored using the effects of innovative materials: transparent, grainy cases, fluorescent cables, translucent, interchangeable front sides, fluorescent cables, soft rubber buttons, an evident sharp contrast with the black colour of the back side. The use of colour is a lever that is often used in telephony to renew models… and subscriptions.

3. Packard-Bell


When black is the colour… The world of information technology has its colour codes where black is widely used and to a certain extent is practically mandatory. One question has to be asked though: which black should one choose? When questioned by Packard-Bell, A3DC suggested two new black colours for the personal computer system units which had to stand out from the competition and the very codified world of computers: a cold, bluish black with mirror-like shiny chromes, and a warm black with red specks giving it a dark brown colour, with titanium-coloured keys - a soft, warm, white gold which had never been seen until them. All the base unit connections come in the same colours: monitor, screen, keyboard, mouse…

4. Züber-Rieder


Perfect example of a long-term collaboration, Züber is a SME which has based its development on the design, colour and creativity of its stationery. An overall design experience from revamping the corporate identity to managing its brand image, communication and publications to distribute its collections of completely innovative fine papers, which are totally conceptual, including touch, hearing, smell and sight. A sensoriality, creativity and stationery experience which was awarded with several Janus de l’Industrie for the Essences de Papier and Esprit de Nature ranges.

5. Thibierge & Comar

Thibierge & Comar

T&C is the story of a young company with young managers who are design and innovation devotees. After extensive experience in the world of paper, feeling the market and analysing the stationery available, Thibierge & Comar launched its specialist brand of creative fine paper, which answered the expectations of graphic designers and the publishing sector. Their legendary intuition and ability to listen to their customers enabled A3DC to suggest paper that had never been seen before: coloured tracing paper, pearl effect, metallised, iridescent papers… A success that is based on colour and the appeal of the collections… but which is obliged to renew itself on regular basis, to keep up with fashion trends.

6. Hahnemühle-Moulin du Coq

Hahnemühle-Moulin du Coq

En 2010, Lana Colours présentait encore depuis une douzaine d'années une gamme de 30 teintes de papiers colorés pour les Beaux-Arts. Les qualités du papier étant reconnues (grammage 160 g/m2, surface pleine de caractère et d’intensité grâce à un grain feutre très doux sur une face, choix d’une différence de textures recto/verso...) par les artistes auxquels elle permet la possibilité de varier leurs effets, il s'agissait d'opérer un lifting du nuancier, avec l'insertion de 5 nouvelles couleurs. . Cette grande polyvalence rend la gamme idéale pour le travail au pastel, au crayon, à la mine, à la sanguine, à la craie… et aux techniques humides telles que lavis, encres, gouache, aquarelle et tempera… Si ses caractéristiques qualitatives sont objectivement optimales, la réactualisation de l'offre-couleur a permis de l’optimiser par rapport aux attentes de son marché et à l’évolution des informations colorielles, en concordance avec les tendances papetières. Un travail habituel d’harmonisation générale et de passage des couleurs conclura l’étude, sous forme d’enchaînement chromatique.

7. Sibille-Dalle

Reflecting the high added-value glassine paper which made Sibille papers famous in the 1930s, the Sibille-Dalle Group has always positioned itself as a manufacturer of specialty paper (from straw, cloth, oil papers, pelerines…) since its creation in 1850 thanks to a particularly active research centre. Thus in 1996, Sibille designed a range of toilet paper from recycling materials and packaging paper. The very colourful recycled materials required a range of saturated colours for the paper’s second life. The solution that was recommended by A3DC was as elegant as it was innovative both from an ecological point of view and from the intentional use of bright, tonic colours and pastel greys, which finally modified the characteristic pink reference colour of this very private brand territory.

8. Ingenico

Impossible de ne pas l’avoir remarqué, impossible de ne l’avoir jamais vu, le terminal de paiement Ingenico est un incontournable. Bleu comme la carte de crédit qu’on lui tend, le boîtier de paiement électronique est présent dans toutes les boutiques, au moment de tous les achats, et l’A3DC étudie sa couleur au mitan des années 90. Le bleu Ingenico est un bleu foncé qui évite le sérieux du noir, habituel dans le registre des paiements en ligne, et lui donne un peu plus de légèreté, comme un air d’insouciance, d’inconscience… Le bleu Ingenico, leader mondial des solutions de paiement, a la couleur de la monnaie dématérialisée, un lien avec le ciel, l’immensité, l’infini.

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