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Plastics & household Appliances

Plastic has enabled us to access the magic of products that are perfectly identical and multipliable, that are perfectly finished and highly qualitative, and that are perfectly saturated and visually attractive… But how does one go about choosing the right colour for an industrial product? How does one obtain an exceptional colourful combination and a perfect harmony? How does one find the most adequate colouring to meet the demands of a specific market, for a precise marketing positioning, for a chosen target? How do you instil all its quality, value and strength in a product? How do you offer a colourful range of its products to its market? How do you mark the range levels and segment the products on offer? Colour is THE undeniable answer. But one still needs to know how to handle and use it properly. Properly and wisely so that the colourings chosen last and adapt to the rhythm of the industry, in line with more long-lasting renewal cycles. And as A3DC looks beyond the tip of its nose, it is very committed to promoting emerging natural plastics, new plastics that are completely biodegradable, all different…

1. Hayco Manufacturing, Hong-Kong

Hayco Manufacturing, Hong-Kong

En Asie, Hayco est un partenaire de choix pour la production de biens de consommation rapides à destination des entreprises et des détaillants du monde entier. Sa performance industrielle reconnue est de concevoir, fabriquer et livrer des produits novateurs, avec des solutions techniques innovantes. Ses capacités internes incluent le design, la conception des produits et leur développement, la fabrication des moules, l'extrusion et l'injection, l'assemblage et une assurance-qualité de nature à respecter les exigences de chaque client. Pour le design-couleur de ses produits, Hayco a choisi l’A3DC qui conçoit la couleur des produits de brosserie pour 2016 destinés aux marchés européens. Les 3 sites d’Hayco en Chine expédieront les nouveaux produits vers 40 pays dans le monde, via des partenariats à long terme avec des entreprises telles que Kärcher, OXO, Philips, Procter et Gamble, Walmart et 3M, principalement à destination de la France, de l’Allemagne et de l’Angleterre.

2. Krups Barista

Krups Barista

Quand le Groupe Seb se passionne pour les solutions les plus sophistiquées et les plus performantes de l’art de faire le meilleur café, le design rejoint les préoccupations de l’artisanat, dans ce qu’il a de plus élitiste, perfectionné, fait-main et unique. L’A3DC créé une collection de machines à café exceptionnelles, revêtues de matières hautement qualitatives, entre brut et luxe, sauvagerie et raffinement. Parements de façades en ardoise naturelle, porcelaine blanche, peau de raie (galuchat), de veau ou de cuir d’alligator, la machine à café devient pièce d’exception. Assuré par les ateliers français de la haute-maroquinerie Vignes, le revêtement de la gamme Barista et de sa collection « Couleurs de cafés » est tout en sophistication. Couleur latte, cappuccino, ristretto, chocolat fondant…, la série limitée confine délicieusement passion du café et grand art.

3. IQAP Masterbatch

A3DC has been engaged in a joint ecological approach since 2010 with IQAP, a Spanish plastic colourist company: this includes the creation of a range of plastics that is completely natural and biodegradable using potato or corn starch technology. This simple, natural and ecological approach has been registered at the I.N.P.I since the summer of 2010 in order to protect an original, innovative and creative process. These new bio plastics are completely natural and are only made from earth-grown products. In the summer of 2011, during a full and perfect collaboration between industry and design, the design of a range of 12 shades was obtained from strict dosages of earth colours and ochers. In the summer of 2013, a new collection was created using plant pigments from dye plants. Ochers, natural mineral and plant pigments, potato starch, corn starch: the complete safety of these natural products for the environment has been proven. After this revolutionary plastic is used for the same purposes as those for which the usual plastic obtained from petrochemicals is used, the land returns to the land… and that makes all the difference.

4. Mapa-Hutchinson


A study just up A3DC’s street because it concerned an everyday product which had existed in colours that had been established since the dawn of time. How do you go about changing the unmistakeable, ascribed, cultural pink colour? Basing the colours of rubber gloves on fashion trends and coordinating them with other studies that were being carried out at the Workshop in the realm of the kitchen (Miflex 2 plastic household products and Spontex sponges) was child’s play. The end result is creative and fashionable: purple gloves, two-tone gloves with large armholes… for a very upscale range! This was as appealing to create as the colour study for Sybille-Dalle’s toilet paper. But that’s quite another story…

5. Miflex 2

Miflex 2

Many, many years of close collaboration with Miflex then Miflex 2 allow us to assert that colour can be the lifeblood of a company, its purpose and future growth. Plastic household products, which are completely in phase with the trends in the world of household products, face stiff competition and a price war that only design can curb and colour-design even more so as it is at a lower cost. Adapting seasonal collections to trends and to market demand is an incentive that Miflex has adopted and used each year during its collaboration with A3DC. This has led to an incredible creativity in the materials and coloured solutions: opacity, transparency, translucency, glitter, inlays, enhanced value of injection flow, optical mixing…

6. Terraillon, Babyliss

Terraillon, Babyliss

The decision of Terraillon and Babyliss to resume their business activities owes a great deal to the design and intelligence of their buyers who relied on innovation and the added value of intelligent products that were both well drawn and designed, and in phase with their markets. Truly considered to be assets, colour and materials were included from the outset in the conception and redefinition of the products. A3DC was in charge of the colouring of the kitchen scales and weighing scales during the years spent recapturing the market. A fruitful collaboration between leading international designers and talented colourists…

7. Philips International

Philips International

It has taken ten years of collaboration for the Small Domestic Equipment market to develop since they launched colour on this market. Based on products that were originally designed in black and white (the only red colour being found on the stop/start button), Philips has become, by following A3DC’s recommendations, the undisputed trendsetter on the colour market and is a fine step ahead of all its competitors. From small domestic equipment to care products, colour has revolutionised the market and invaded kitchens and bathrooms. The competition followed suit as one single entity in a tug-of-war of colours that European kitchens and bathrooms had never seen before…

8. Seb Group

Seb Group

A3DC, via its various teams, has been the colourist of the Seb Group brands for 15 years: Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, Calor, Moulinex… It has developed colour ranges and policies that are adapted to their brand territory and quite distinct from each other while at the same time ensuring overall harmony within the Group. Care, comfort and body care products, beauty products, irons and linen care products, hoovers, cooking appliances…: all the colour applications have been cleverly designed. Since 2008 and with commendable tenacity which is the proof of viable recommendations, the focus is maintained on the subtle alliance between three golds (white gold, pale yellow gold and pink gold) in combination with an exquisite deep chocolate brown, which is considered to be the new reworked characteristic of the reference black colour for Calor and Rowenta.


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