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  • Tigex-Mapa-Hutchinson-Spontex
  • Tigex-Mapa-Hutchinson-Spontex
  • Tigex-Mapa-Hutchinson-Spontex
  • Tigex-Mapa-Hutchinson-Spontex
  • Tigex-Mapa-Hutchinson-Spontex
  • Tigex-Mapa-Hutchinson-Spontex

Sports, relaxation & everyday life

The world of sport and relaxation is a source of freer inspiration and creation which can make greater use of colour, branding and graphic designs. It is precisely in this field that the most striking innovations have been made as it is, by definition, more open, freer and more amenable to trends, innovative desires and a departure from daily habits which are deemed to be too standardised. As the idea is indeed to try to be different, unique… Because what you wear at the weekend is free from any social representation or status constraint, from any obligation to dress soberly and maintain an image, sportswear brushes aside traditional clothing references. Everyday objects can thus have more personal, freer colours that are directly linked to moods, trends, free time and a dose of imagination which clearly favours impulse buying from the heart.

1. Somfy

The world’s number 1 in home and industrial automation products, Somfy is specialised in intelligent motorisation solutions which are designed to make everyday life easier and more comfortable thanks to a discreet and perfectly controlled technology. Motorisations for rolling shutters, doors and gates, sun screens and awnings, mechanised openings, control over all the openings in a house, home automation is the realm of Somfy where it also controls lighting, heating and air-conditioning. But controlling and managing one’s own comfort at the tip of one’s fingers can and must be possible beautifully. A3DC has opened the door to Somfy to a world of unexplored colours and possibilities. The new home automation remote controls have decided to change colour and introduce the notions of appeal, visibility and the influences of fashion trends…

2. Oxylane-Decathlon


A regular collaboration with the in-house design and colour department of Decathlon facilitates occasional expertise assignments on the constitution of the colours to be used for sport articles or more general analyses on the management of colour in the group. The colours of the Boopy first bike, branding and letterpress… designed by A3DC, which were applied and experimented on short series, were tested and validated directly in the self-service shop of Villeneuve-d’Ascq, on the ground floor, which is the absolute strike force of the Oxylane Decathlon effectiveness.

3. Tigex-Mapa-Hutchinson-Spontex


In search of an identity that would make it stand out from that of its competitors, Tigex, which is the leader in the market of childcare articles in supermarkets and hypermarkets – thanks to colour – is now committed to presenting annual collections of its articles. A frequency that is practically modelled on that of fashion and which requires constantly renewed creativity. By evoking the freshness of childhood, inspired by the milky and pearly whites of maternity and breastfeeding, the range of childcare articles and milk bottles is spruced up by touches of fluorescent colours in a whitened pastel version to create high impact ranges and please parents, and fun and entertaining versions to please children. The more permanent products (preparation of food, sterilisation, safety…) which are more directly intended to a target of parents, can be found in generally accepted neutral colours: matt grey, pearly white and taupe. The high-range products, Tigex Excellence, which are distributed in specialised shops, require separate collections and another more sophisticated collection-based colour approach.

4. Salomon Amer Sports-TaylorMade

Salomon Amer Sports-TaylorMade

Several years of collaboration with the French leader in ski equipment (skis, footwear and bindings) have enabled A3DC to understand the most effective and most innovative trends that are highlighted at highly-specialised and cutting-edge trade shows which are devoted to winter sports. It is a world that is well in advance of the other markets – up to 2 years – and full of things to be learnt and creative ideas on developments to consumers’ expectations and desires. Salomon also works with A3DC on the colours of the products of its various sectors: golf with TaylorMade, hiking footwear, cross-country ski boots…

5. Coleman-Camping Gaz

Coleman-Camping Gaz

Faced with stiff competition from cheap Asian products which were very similar to theirs, Camping Gaz reacted by proposing a fabric version of its soft isothermal bags which were particularly attuned to the expectations of its main markets: France, Portugal, Germany and France. The colours met the needs of the identified targets; adults, parent/child couples and women. Its excellent knowledge of the Japanese market meant that A3DC could tackle the Japanese market with a range called Cool in colors which had been specifically designed for the Japanese market. Recommendations on all finishing (materials, accessories, brandings…) completed the study.

6. Gitane bikes

Gitane bikes

When Gitane decided to review the colour-policy of its bicycles, the Atelier 3D colour suggested the principle of segmenting the ranges into four user categories: racing and competition bicycles, mountain bikes, bicycle touring, urban or upmarket bicycles. Twelve framework colours were allocated to each of the four groups together with rules governing the use of the colour in terms of contrasts and brandings, thereby creating a coordinated textile range. The sports segment should naturally be the most visible and the easiest to remember to take the victories of the Gitane brand in competitions to centre stage.

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