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When the French seaside resort on the Picardy coast unveils new colours on all its façades, the waterfront and the wooden boardwalk become the mirrors of the sea, reflecting the wavy shore and the moving skies…

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How to give new sensuality to creation papers ? A new international approach of colour-design for all the ranges of fine papers revives the creative desire of the graphic world and inspires the contemporary print…

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The agricultural engineering sector began its own colour revolution. Impact, exposure, corporate image, performance, the new identity-colour of French Sulky group signs more than 50 years of its tradition for innovation.

Our expertise

the invention of a profession

History, geography of civilisations, culture, education, religion… any colour creation is the result of a period, an inspiration, a place, a light. This new profession was born in 1978.

Harnessing colour

Knowing its colour ranges on the tip of one’s fingers, meeting buyers’ expectations wherever they are located, anticipating them and providing a solution, one country after another, one market after another.

decrypting colour

A palette, a range, a colour chart, a colorama, a choice of colours, all of this needs to be created... harmony, coordination, extent, depth, it is all a question of balance, it is all part of the profession.

knowing the markets

One market after another, one target after another… in order to attract new customers and ensure that the product is a success with its consumers, colour must be designed as precisely as possible.

colours that reflect the times

Colour is interpreted between tradition and modernity, it is studied between heritage and contemporary creativity, it is calibrated between timelessness and trends and it is imagined between surprise and keeping up with the times.

design and colour

The design of the precise colour and the recommendation of the right colour at the right time, such a solution must be flawless to express the quintessence of an architecture or a design.

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