A collective, all from different backgrounds and training, chosen, recruited and trained by Lenclos, having worked for a long time and learned with him, in the mode of the transmission of a workshop work. Over the years and as a3dc has developed, the trio has become a quintet, combining its passion with new talents to create a panoramic, global and coherent performance.

Marie Fournier

architecture couleur
+33 (0)6 25 75 28 71

The year I graduated from high school, my parents gave me the book Les Couleurs de la France... What was then only the beginnings of an artistic career became a certainty, an evidence: I would be a colorist! My love of colors and materials, of architecture and heritage led me to Jean-Philippe Lenclos and his workshop, where I have been living my chromatic passion for over 30 years!

a3dc co-manager since 2007
a3dc colorist, 1991-2007
freelance architect-colorist, 1989-1991
interior designer Pierre Guibert, 1987-1989
graduate E.S.A.G. Paris, 1987

Philippe Roaldès - <span class='a3dc'>a<span>3</span>dc </span> atelier 3D couleur designer coloriste

philippe roaldès

design couleur
+33 (0)6 19 55 71 49

Color is my music, my chromatic rhythm! Searching for the chords that go well together, the harmonies that hit the bull's eye, allows me like a musician to compose new color scores. This major passion of the right tone has never left me and I share it with happiness with my customers and my students of the Decorative Arts of Paris.

co-manager of a3dc since 2007
professor at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris since 2011
a3dc color designer, 1992-2007
freelance designer, 1990-1992
graduate E.S.D.I. Paris 1989

eric guillouard

communication couleur
+33 (0)6 61 13 75 28

1,94 m and 5 years of business school, marketing specialization, advertising and communication, all this to end up in a portrait in the Trombinoscope of Sup de Co summarized in a premonitory "the harmony of colors on a large scale". A future definitely drawn and from which one does not escape...

a3dc associate since 2007
cultivator of rare ideas Carré de Trèfles, 2000-2007
director of a3dc, 1990-2007
associate director Edico-Publicis Lyon, 1987-1990
director BCA-Publicis Dijon, 1987-1982
graduate ESCAE Burgundy School of Commerce Dijon, 1981
member of the professional associations Terres & Couleurs, Centre Français de la Couleur, ad chroma

Adrien Maschino Designer coloriste <span class='a3dc'>a<span>3</span>dc </span> Atelier 3D couleur - stratégie couleur

adrien maschino

stratégie couleur
+33 (0)6 58 53 61 73

After a rich experience in the heart of the strategy of an industrial group, it is with happiness that I think color in all its forms within a3dc.

color development manager AkzoNobel France, 2013-2020
creation of ColorStudio France Sikkens, Trimetal, Levis, Atral, Corona
graduated in Design with a major in Color / Architecture-Space at the University of Strasbourg (UDS), 2013
member of the professional association Centre Français de la Couleur

Photo architecte d'interieur Pascal Rouquier <span class='a3dc'>a<span>3</span>dc</span>

pascal rouquier

architecture d'intérieur
+33 (0)6 11 68 38 19

Diverted from an initial technical office training by a devouring passion for design or "industrial aesthetics" of the time, it is by chance when I put down my luggage at Penninghen that my taste for interior architecture was revealed, free, leading me straight to a devouring artistic career, rich in precious encounters, and in the end, high in color.

project manager designer at Métope Architectes, 2018-2020
creation of Archidrome, interior design agency, 2000-2018
creation of Ateliers 45°, interior architecture agency, 90s
EMC2, free lance, 80’s
graduate E.S.A.G. Paris, 1987
BTS B.E. and F.M., 1983