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It was in Japan, in 1961 and 1962, that Jean-Philippe Lenclos had a revelation about color while studying architecture at the Kyoto School of Fine Arts. Back in France, he continued his research, drew up a methodical inventory of the colors of the regional habitat in France and deepened his concept of Geography of Color©. Lenclos founded Atelier 3D couleur in 1978 in Paris, while inventing profession of designer-colorist, for a real expertise in the application and management of color in 3 dimensions for the landscape, architecture and design.

Photo atelier 3D couleur Lenclos A3DC La premiere agence de design couleur en France today

Équipe a3dc la première agence de design couleur en france -Designer coloriste Adrien Maschino Marie Fournier Philippe Roaldes

a3dc is the leading colour design agency in France, and has been the preferred colour partner of local authorities and businesses, architects and designers, and all creative people eager to discover colour for over 45 years.

a3dc is a group of passionate experts, involved in conferences, training courses and teaching colour in design schools, to respond to the contemporary challenges of colour.

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Geography of color©

Géographie de la couleur - A3DC

Each geographical location has its own vocabulary of color, pre-written by its landscape, geology, climate, light and certain socio-cultural factors. Each territory leads to reflect and organize the color when it is interested in architecture, integrate it in its context, respect the environment. The transversal concept of the Geography of Color©, a3dc‘s methodology applies equally to architecture, design and color marketing.


color & architecture

At first sight, color is a massive persuasive lever that captures attention, catches the eye and makes a mark. Lenclos quickly understood this essential dimension of design, theorized it and passed it on to his team. Each geographic location has its own chromatic identity, carried by traditional architecture, which is the bearer of the local colors of its native land. This is a postulate that contemporary architecture today is overturning, in search of a new visibility, made possible by the infinite industrial solutions offered by modern construction materials.


color & design

a3dc has a passion for industrial products designed with color. Its inspiration comes from the street, from the air of time, to soak up the desires of the moment, to observe how trade shows, expert circles’ prospectives, professional press, style offices and trend books glimpse the future. Its cross-industry perception and long-term methodology allow a3dc to sort out the ephemeral and focus on the sustainable, in order to establish perennial ranges that flourish over time, an indispensable quality for the industry whose cycles renew themselves more slowly. Color, with light investments, allows to achieve a humanized design, more sensitive and rich in sensory emotions…


color & communication

The integration of a creative input on color in the outcome of a project, be it architecture or design, is a highly cultural process. The color design of a program is rooted in a creative context, full of new ideas, fed by the permanent flow of novelty, the air of the moment and the inspiration of the moment. It is nourished by the bubbling of living culture, fed by the creators and the major cultural actors, those who mark their time by the force of their thought or the accuracy of their glance on the time. Those who mark changes in the state of society. Those which a3dc uses to inspire its coloring studies.


a group, a new identity

Respectful of the knowledge passed on and the method learned during nearly 25 years with Lenclos, the team is enriched by the arrival of new partners in 2020. This new group brings to the company a fresh eye on the colorist’s profession and modernizes the mission, for a 360° expertise on color work. Trend watch, creation, measurement and notation, control, recording of color, the revolution of computer means, the new languages of digital color, the complementary know-how of interior architecture and strategic reflection of color enrich the field of intervention.


the color of tomorrow

To foresee the color of tomorrow is not an expertise due to the chance but well the result of a work of team, between abundance of the ideas, filter and selection, synthesis of the collective. Observation, analysis, intuition, sensitivity, confrontation with reality and the possible, the color of tomorrow is the one that we will develop together, you and a3dc, for your project and to your measure, so that it is the winning color of your company, the right color response to the specifications entrusted to you, guaranteeing the performance of your marketing, when the color becomes a strategic reflection in its own right.

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