Joigny, color chart of the safeguarded sector

Joigny has the distinction of having the highest density of timber-framed houses in Burgundy right in the heart of the town. This protected area, full of a rich heritage of historic buildings, is also characterised by a lack of interest in the old quarters. This proactive policy of revitalising the town centre and its shops involves enhancing the value of the architecture, communicated through publications produced by a3dc to communicate the project effectively.

Nuancier & charte couleurs Joigny secteur protege - a3dc Atelier 3D couleur

Bathed by the River Yonne, which gives the town the charm of its quays and lined houses, Joigny has a tightly-packed urban centre, rich in a historic and homogeneous built heritage. The 280 timber-framed buildings, houses and outbuildings listed here date back to the 16th century, making it one of the most densely-populated heritage sites in Burgundy. The old quarter is home to some remarkable timber-framed houses, arranged around the Château des Gondi and the church of Saint-Thibault, within an ancient wall that marks the boundary of the conservation area covered by the colour charter. Since the twentieth century, Joigny’s town centre has been gradually abandoned, forgotten and left without any real desire to maintain or preserve it. With a view to preserving traditional colours and materials, Joigny has entrusted a3dc with the study and design of its reference colour chart, with a view to highlighting the architectural quality of its old buildings and restoring the town’s tourist appeal and charm.

Nuancier & charte couleurs Joigny secteur protege - a3dc Atelier 3D couleur
reveal a unique and forgotten heritage
revitalising a neglected commercial fabric
rediscover the mineral ochres of Burgundy
Taking part in the renewal of Burgundy’s densest heritage of timber-framed houses was a chromatic experience rich in meaning.

Marie Fournier

architecture couleur – a3dc

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