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University study day: “CLMF: Colour, Light, Matter, Finish”.

Programme intervention Adrien Maschino designer coloriste a3dc Journée d’étude CLMF : couleur lumière matière finition, enjeux et définition

We’re delighted to share some news from our team! Adrien Maschino, a3dc color designer, will be taking part in the “CLMF: Couleur Lumière Matière Finition: enjeux et définitions” study day on Monday 25 March at the Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès.

During this study day, Adrien will address crucial themes around colors, materials and finishes in architecture and design. His talk will explore three key parameters for study and application:

  • Temporality: Understanding how the elements of color, light, material and finish evolve and interact over time and can become imbued with an era.
  • Environment: Analyse the impact of environmental conditions on color design choices.
  • The User: Study the experience of users, and how this influences color design.

Special thanks to the organisers

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Estelle Guerry, Nathalie Wiart and Céline Caumon for organising and initiating this day, which was rich in exchanges and learning. Their commitment has enabled us to create opportunities for dialogue and reflection around color.

Join us for a Day of Inspiration

We invite anyone interested in the dynamics of color, light, material and finish in design to join us for this study day. This is a unique opportunity to discover