color marketing

industrial & corporate

together with the company and its sales and marketing departments, we will ask strategic questions: how to legitimately choose the right color for the new product in relation to the brand’s DNA ? How to find the right color for a given market, a specific marketing positioning, a target audience ? How to offer a colored range of products to its market? How to mark the levels of the range and segment its offer ? A mission based on dialogue and collective work…

Projet couleur A3DC - Groupe scolaire Simone Veil, Colombes - Coloriste conseil - Atelier 3D couleur

feel the air of time and anticipate trends

synthesize and streamline collections

respond to client expectations with objectivity and relevance

manufacturers & companies

segment and personalize an attractive and impactful offer

you are in charge of marketing intelligence, development or launch of future products spearheading your company. Take a look at the project gallery to see some of the key achievements on a subject that concerns you directly…