Cayeux-sur-Mer, chromatic chart

a3dc‘s new palette for the city’s facades is taking shape and starting to become visible. The main idea is to use all the beach huts along Europe’s longest boardwalk to illustrate and demonstrate each of the colour options for houses recommended in Cayeux’s master colour scheme. The new appeal of Cayeux la belle is here to stay.

The palette of colours for the facades designed for Cayeux by a3dc, in collaboration with Sophie Hélène, was directly inspired by the colours of the seaside pebbles that have made the town such a legend. Rock pebbles, bricks, tiles, shards of glass polished by the sea… An art of living, a local economy, a legitimate history written from this tradition that has belonged to the town since the 19th century, when sailors’ wives made a living from hunting for pebbles capable of producing enough silica, once crushed, to make glass in the famous Bresle valley.

The new palette for the town’s facades has been designed as a tribute to this hard life. With reference to the town’s history and culture, in order to legitimately colour the fishermen’s quarters and those of the landlubbers, while respecting the typology of the houses and exalting the great marine and free breath coming from the sea.

The main idea is to use all the bathing cubicles along the longest beach path in France to illustrate and demonstrate each of the possible colours for the houses recommended in the Cayeux colour scheme… This showcase of the town’s colours has just emerged not from the ground… but from the pebbles. And it’s a success!

Cayeux-sur-Mer, charte couleur, a3dc, atelier 3D couleur, designer coloriste
revitalising a community
respect for history and heritage
using color to promote tourism
a3dc has come up with the right solution for enhancing the town’s built heritage through colour. The result makes it possible to understand the different districts and their history, gives the town a strong identity and offers a timeless integration into the landscape.

Sophie Hélène

Coloriste plasticienne

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