Ault, Community of Communes color chart

With a view to enhancing and preserving the authenticity of the housing in the town of Ault and the districts of Onival and Bois de Cise, a3dc has designed a common color chart for facades, divided according to the architectural identity of the different areas.

Charte couleur de la ville d'Ault par A3DC agence de design couleur atelier 3d Couleur Architecte coloriste palettes patrimoine ABF Urbanisme

The town centre of Ault is unusual in that it brings together the roads that run along the valleys leading down to the sea. It is the point where all the main roads converge, and the housing is logically tight, with terraced houses forming lines of streets with denser architecture: the buildings and town houses on the shopping streets along the valleys are mostly made of richly decorated brick, which the colours in the palette should enhance. a3dc has developed a range of colours specifically for shop fronts, enabling them to blend seamlessly into this urban setting.

The neighbourhoods of Ault that border the sea or are located on the hillsides have the particularity of being made up of more than one type of housing, including the oldest houses in the town, former farmers’ or fishermen’s dwellings, as well as small individual houses built more recently. These small buildings are the backdrop for a new range of pastel colours, including blues, mauves and turquoises. This deliberate choice of colour will lend a surprising new charm to the Ault seafront, a photographic subject par excellence. The use of colour by a3dc to highlight the area will be both a showcase for the town and a means of expression and communication.

The general palette of facade colours is adapted to the architectural typologies of the buildings.

Charte couleur de la ville d'Ault quartier des pêcheurs par A3DC agence de design couleur atelier 3d Couleur Architecte coloriste palettes patrimoine ABF Urbanisme façade
valoriser un patrimoine architectural riche d’histoire
s’inspirer du passé pour construire et colorer l’avenir
un nuancier-conseil en phase avec la ville et ses typologies architecturales
The launch of the town’s colour chart for facades was an immediate hit with the general public. Normally very quiet, the town hall’s ‘Architecture’ department has been registering a large number of new restoration projects every week, proof of the public’s enthusiasm for colour when it is properly managed.

Marcel Le Moigne

Mayor of Ault

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